bad circulation

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Can’t decide if it’s the weather or my age, but the length of time it takes for my legs fall asleep while sitting on the toilet gets shorter and shorter each day.

Oh and that cold from two weeks back? It lingers with a cough that’s particularly excitable whenever I try to lay horizontally, which is inopportune.

In other news, got my car outta the garage yesterday and that means reuniting with my camera. Two and a half days without seemed like an eternity.

I rode in the passenger seat as we went to the t-shirt distributor to pick up shirts, and I snapped images left and right. None turned out nice, or pretty, but they are here:

PhotosRandom photos from the gray day. Most centered. Quite possibly painful with detail and light.

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  1. ta Avatar

    I have the same problem. I always feel like I’ve had a stroke after I’m finished on toilet