Sitting on the floor in the hallway are just a few of the things that are supposed to be on the walls, but are not.

A decoupage project from 2003, a Boy Scout “Be Prepared” wooden lid, a Smokey the Bear reproduction metal sign, and a poster about bees in french.

I’m wondering if I had a set of those Hercules Hooks that Billy Mays shouts about on the TV would do the trick. My luck with drywall is spotty at best. [ Fair warning: the aforelinked page kicks off with a flash video and Billy’s boisterous pitch. Oh for the days when websites were silent ]

In other news, I’m having a heckuva time with a revolving to-do list. I think a haircut would help out with an easy check-off.

Current music: Uncle Tupelo “Still Be Around”

4 responses to “un-hung”

  1. It is a Transmit icon indeed Mr. Faust. An old school one at that I printed because I loved it so much.
    And Andrew, rabid Tuepelo fans tend to be the best sorts of people.