Good grief

Hamilton, OH [ + zoom ]

No trick-or-treaters in the apt. complex, but I did manage to snag the image above with the pocket camera while sitting in backed-up traffic.

Originally tried to use the big camera, but the battery was dead. Let me tell you about the 20D—I seldom use the flash, and charge the battery about every 3 weeks. I wish all electronic devices were so laid back about sipping electricity.

In other news:

Watched The Great Pumpkin last night. Hearing Lucy say “good grief” never gets old.

Today we put a calendar on the wall at work, that nice gal behind the bar at J. Alexanders knows I will order veggie burgers, I have a hole in my sock, and need to burn some midnight oil.

Current music: Fionn Regan “Be Good or Be Gone” (video)