Category: Videogames

  • The Inaugural Rock Band Night

    photo by Tom Tom has been wanting to have a Rock Band (the videogame) shindig out at the studio for a long, long time. We ran out of excuses, the planets aligned and it finally happened last night. Nicole up there in the robot hat killed us with her expert-level guitar work. She even turned […]

  • OutRun

    Caught on the drive into work this morning Replace overcast Ohio with a sunny Coconut Beach and I would have felt just like I was in a videogame. In related linkage: Pontiac pushed the nostalgia button spot on with this Spy Hunter inspired commercial.

  • Super Mario Galaxy

    Setting the remote down for a moment [ + bigger, uncropped ] Today was a day off. It was cold and overcast and I sat on the couch in a union suit, playing Super Mario Galaxy for a few hours. If you’ve read anything about it, you likely heard its awesome. It totally is (if […]

  • 76:55

    I’m a nerd I just finished Zelda on the Wii. I’ve “beat” a handful of games in my days: Jak & Daxter 2 on the PS2, Halo on the XBOX, and other titles I’m forgetting. I should mention, I’ve never completed any Zelda game prior. Never finished Super Mario Brothers on the NES, or most […]

  • they either love videogames, or ebay markups

    Near the Dayton Mall I could point and laugh at the folks camped outside Best Buy on a cold and rainy night, three days before the new Sony PLAYSTATION comes out… Or I could wonder if they have jobs… But mostly, what I think is, well, at least they are dedicated – and that’s not […]

  • Clubhouse Games

    A must have for Nintendo DS folk who like cards and stuff Since the sheen of the New Super Mario Bros. has faded a tiny bit, and until the Wii comes out – there is Clubhouse Games to fill my gaming needs. Over 40 games packed in this breath strip sized cartridge: From Old Maid, […]

  • leaves, full-on sick, wii

    Pictures of autumn leaves were bound to appear The season is happening fast. A cold front has dropped upon Ohio and strong winds are whistling around the corners. If I don’t get some quality leaf peeping in, I will be remiss. Add to that, I think my throat tickle has transformed into a solid head […]

  • Nintendo DS

    The New Super Mario Brothers is my favorite game right now. It has two action buttons: Run/Shoot, and Jump This began as a comment on Flickr, but a friend called me today and asked questions about the Nintendo DS. I can’t talk on the phone real well to begin with, so I’m putting this here.

  • franchises gone mobile

    Once more with the cheeky cutscenes Me & My Katamari — Note, this is not my beautiful Katarmari, but I have a friend with a similar ailment, and I got to play with his. No verdict yet, but the game is translated quite well on the beautiful PSP screen. No analog control however, makes this […]

  • Katamari Damacy

    As usual, I’m late to the game I got a friend of mine a copy of Katamari Damacy a few weeks ago and played it briefly upon unwrapping. I rolled around through the beginning stages, trying not to skip too fast through the cheeky tutorials, got a few stars and a constellation but had to […]