I’m a nerd

I just finished Zelda on the Wii.

I’ve “beat” a handful of games in my days: Jak & Daxter 2 on the PS2, Halo on the XBOX, and other titles I’m forgetting.

I should mention, I’ve never completed any Zelda game prior. Never finished Super Mario Brothers on the NES, or most videogames for that matter. I play them, see the graphics and mechanics. and when it gets tough, I move on.

Maybe it was because of the new control scheme, Nintendo decided to make this launch game ( slash killer app ) a little on the easy side. I’m fine with that. In fact, I think more games shouldn’t stump and leave folks frustrated. That’s why there should be difficulty settings.

Don’t think I’m smart. I used a game guide – specifically, the great one by Devin Morgan found at GameFaqs (under the nickname DBM11085). I only resorted to a guide after I tried many times to solve something, usually after walking away from the console for a few. But I don’t like to be frustrated for too long over anything. Who needs printed game guides anymore? Using the find command on a text file is wonderful.

This is now my favorite Zelda game. The pacing is great, the upgrades in weapons are super awesome, and I never once felt like I was getting the short end of the graphics stick. My only nitpick would be the midi soundtrack (I’d have preferred real orchestration), and the repetitive animation and subtitles that let me know a blue rupee was worth 5.

So that was that. There went 76 hours and 55 minutes of my freetime.

It was great, but I’m ready to revisit human interaction.

Current music: The midi closing credits of Zelda: Twilight Princess

5 responses to “76:55”

  1. Alex Avatar

    I’m so getting my hands on that game. It’s awesome just by the look of it the whole setting seems so cosy and ready to be adventured in. I fear I might not play it on the wii though.
    I tried playing this thing on wii in one of those monters where they showcase the console. It was pretty hard but then again, it was my first try on wii at all as well.
    I need to break your time… and without a guide – let’s see how it goes XD.

  2. CrioKnight Avatar

    One word. Congratulations.
    It’s rare that I also finish games because of their assumption that I can actually play these games to completion at the difficulty that they are set. I agree. Difficulty settings are a must.

  3. Red Avatar

    Last night I started Playing Eragon for PS2 somewhere around 1800h. I reached the ‘Final Battle’ stage before quitting for bed around 2330h. Easy settig of course. I too tend to walk away from games when they get too hard. Eragon was fun, really good graphics, very non-linear. My only complaints were when you were flying as the Dragon, since speed and flight is computer controled. and there is no view/screen rotation or control.
    How would Dragon Flying work on the Wii? would you have to flap your arms really fast?

  4. Jeremy Avatar

    I am working on this game right now, and so far I am greatly impressed. I am really enjoying the story, characters, and pacing. This Zelda just feels so right-on. The graphics are of gamecube caliber, but of course it is a gamecube game with Wii controlls. But even so, Nintendo has done a lot to make it jaw-droppingly beautiful. I’ve been struck, multiple times so far, with how great it looks, even with the noticable low polygon count.
    I enjoyed the Ocarina of Time, and this looks like it’s going to beat it, but hey, I’m only 18 hours into it, so we’ll see.
    Another fun game, which I just finished (story mode) and would highly reccomend, is Rayman, Raving Rabbids. Not the epic story-driven game of Zelda, but it makes better use of the Wii’s unique controlls, and is very goofy and fun.