Katamari Damacy

As usual, I’m late to the game

I got a friend of mine a copy of Katamari Damacy a few weeks ago and played it briefly upon unwrapping. I rolled around through the beginning stages, trying not to skip too fast through the cheeky tutorials, got a few stars and a constellation but had to call it a night before I was sucked in completely.

I’ve been jonesing and humming along ever since. (Now Pratt’s video sinks in)

I got a chance to play it again on Saturday night and it’s like I had been practicing in my imagination. My goal was to get big enough to roll over and pick up humans, which I did within a dedicated hour. Then it was time to part ways as it’s too early to borrow a present.

Now I’m just wondering what’s next? The game scales wonderfully. Scanning in the instruction manual, I see the cruise ship, ferris wheel, jet and stadium… could it be?!

I’ve long since thought innovation is sorely lacking in video games. This game illustrates that risks are worth taking (and selling in the states).

6 responses to “Katamari Damacy”

  1. Rowgun Avatar

    Ultra-catchy songs, fun and easy to pick up gameplay, and all for only $20. Best purchase I’ve made in a while.
    What’s great is taking the time to absorb the whole Japanese absurdity of the game. Really makes the whole game experience.
    A sequel is in development – cross your fingers they’ll bring it to the states.

  2. D R E W Avatar

    This game is hilarious. Dan loves it. He even had my nephews playing it over Christmas.
    Have you ever seen Space Channel 5? Just as outrageous.

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    Sure have Drew,
    I’m a videogame junkie (collector, not player)…
    Space Channel 5 and Parappa the Rappa both have similar “flava” to Katamari.

  4. Kirsty Avatar

    Wow! What a great looking game.
    It doesn’t seem to be out yet in the UK though.

  5. davis Avatar

    You got me intrigued… picked up my copy today. I’ll check it out shortly.

  6. Fyrborn Avatar

    I just recently bought it.
    basicly because a friend of mine had played it before it came out, and told me about all the trippy stuff that go’s on in it.
    i’d finally seen some of the comerciuls for it and thought it was still a funny looking game.
    and it is.
    aside from all the drunk drug induced acid trip inuendo, to the things that go on while on screen, while you are ROLLING a ball over stuff.
    it still got a [fantasy violance]
    when do you get to see a king of anykind go on a drunken bender and destroy the universe, and you have to clean up after him as he puts you down.
    this is the most interesting game iv’e seen yet.
    roll that katamari and get down with the king it’ll be a trip to remember….or will you.
    -but thats what they said- says the little pisherprice lego kid.