Super Mario Galaxy

Setting the remote down for a moment [ + bigger, uncropped ]

Today was a day off.

It was cold and overcast and I sat on the couch in a union suit, playing Super Mario Galaxy for a few hours. If you’ve read anything about it, you likely heard its awesome.

It totally is (if you like those platformer / mario games).

The music, control, bite-sized levels, gravity, animation. Just spot on good.

Then the sun came out and I had to break away from the game. Bright light on the tv screen and all.

But it was good to pull myself out of that galaxy.

I’m rationing it, avoiding the end.

Not that I ever actually finish videogames, but it’s happy fun along the way.

I’ll be extra happy when Nintendo has some set-up in place to send new levels through the net. That’s the kinda action I want in my inbox.

Bonus link: XOC SMW
The complete soundtrack to Super Mario World, covered by one man using dozens of instruments. Roughly in game order, faithful to the originals, with some bizarre artistic license thrown around. A private hobby made public. Dedicated to Koji Kondo.

Current music: XOC “Valley of Bowser”

4 responses to “Super Mario Galaxy”

  1. Andrew Simone Avatar

    That bonus link made my day. My youth is intimately connected to that game. you don’t (can’t?) even know.

  2. duane Avatar

    I’m trying not to rush through it too… It is so fun!

  3. drew kora Avatar

    I haven’t been so into a Mario Game since Mario 3 for NES. Galaxy is totally awesome. Love the photo…my new desktop.

  4. Christopher J. Avatar
    Christopher J.

    I am by no means a gamer. My wife got me a Wii about a year ago, and I get it out occasionally to play some zelda or some Wii golf when friends are over.
    I picked up Mario Galaxy this weekend and it has completely brought me back to my video-gaming past… discovering Mario Galaxy is like discovering Mario for the first time in the 80s. This is the kind of game the Wii was invented for. Fun, addictive, beautiful.