they either love videogames, or ebay markups

Near the Dayton Mall

I could point and laugh at the folks camped outside Best Buy on a cold and rainy night, three days before the new Sony PLAYSTATION comes out…

Or I could wonder if they have jobs…

But mostly, what I think is, well, at least they are dedicated – and that’s not something you see every day.

9 responses to “they either love videogames, or ebay markups”

  1. Stephen Shores Avatar

    Sheesh. (shakes head)

  2. Angela Rutherford Avatar

    I have always wondered what the fascination is with “first-release” products like this. I see them waiting in lines for hours and sometimes even days and nights to be able to buy one of the first batch. What’s the point? This is America, land of capitalism, there will be plenty of product to go around for one and all. It’s not like a limited number of concert tickets that sell out and will never be restocked again. Not to mention, a product like this, the Sony Playstation, that causes people to do crazy things like camp out all night for it will probably go on sale after the holidays anyway. Right?

  3. Brian Faust Avatar

    I hope they have jobs. They have to pay the outrageous price for that PS3!

  4. A.J. Avatar

    just heard about all the hold-ups… sitting ducks in a line with wads of cash.
    remember the line-ups wayback for Swatches 🙂

  5. matt Avatar

    I used to work in electronics and the sad thing is that first launch systems cost more and feature fewer accessories than bundles that are available a few months later, and are usually subject to a lot more technical issues than what’s available in subsequent manufacturing batches. I once met a customer that knew how to read the serial number on PS2’s and would hunt for systems manufactured after a certain date. So for their sake, I hope those people in line are flipping them on ebay for a profit.

  6. Alex Avatar

    This makes me remember when I camped for the LotR-movies tickets – the premier show avaible in Sweden at the cinemas… Oh, how I loved the profit when I sold the other tickets but one for each films… was well worth the 3-day camping…

  7. Thomas Avatar

    That’s just insane waiting that long infront of a store.

  8. Nick Avatar

    Im the guy in the blue rain coat, next to the red and yellow tent!!! WWOOOAAAHHH!!

  9. Chris G Avatar

    No way Nick.
    No way!@