franchises gone mobile

Once more with the cheeky cutscenes

Me & My Katamari — Note, this is not my beautiful Katarmari, but I have a friend with a similar ailment, and I got to play with his. No verdict yet, but the game is translated quite well on the beautiful PSP screen. No analog control however, makes this a major hand cramper. And no, I’m not adding handles.

Metroid Prime Hunters — Playing a first person shooter/platformer on a handheld seems suspect, but the stylus for looking with double tap to jump is surprisingly intuitive. I think it will be more fun than Katamari. One of the best titles I’ve played on the DS.

Blast from the past:

Mario vs. Donkey Kong — I just borrowed this GBA cartridge after getting to the last boss of The Minish Cap (and giving up). It is like DKJr mixed with Lemmings, a great blend of platform and puzzle. The animation of Mario is fantastic.

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  1. electro^plankton Avatar

    Did I tell you today that I love you and your blog? 🙂

  2. Firecrackr Avatar

    hmm. well i love this game (katamari)its so addicting haha. but frankly i only have it on playstation 2. hmm. o well. loveing it anyways. 😀