What’s my site for?

To host images for other people of course.


Some message board in BFE has been using icons from my mini-movie review pages for avatars across their site. Then I found this MSN group that thought they didn’t need to host a graphic for Grease.

To air my displeasure, I’ve updated the file.

That’ll show em.

We’ll see how long it takes em to figure it out.

UPDATE: ok, the guilt is killing me, perhaps goatse is too harsh an image for a possible 14 year old girl from the Netherlands

WRAP-UP: That didn’t take long. The page is gone. 🙂

Michael Jackson masturbated me with his mouth

Are depositions not allowed to use prepositions pronouns? Or do all 13 year olds talk like this?

So I’m reading along, turning the page when I hear the chimes of tinkerbell, and frankly, this story needs shelved.

It started with the looped news video of lear-jets landing, and then I had to suffer without cable as the vaseline smeared lens let Barbara Walter’s video image wash over my living room saying things like, “It hurts to hear words like Whacko Jacko, doesn’t it?” This from the same woman who perpetuates his freak-nature.

And as much as I want to have faith that this entertainer is innocent, I don’t really want to know until it is over.

Because frankly, like evil clowns, his mugshot is giving me nightmares.

I shall start making notation of sleep and work lost over the coverage, to help solidify my litigation in a case I will file against The Media. (This case will be multifaceted and I hope to have it in motion before I sneak quietly into the woods with a typewriter and lots of stamps)

Butt Ugly

Apologies in advance to all yellow Ford Focus hatchback owners.

What an ugly day. I step off the elevator at work to see a new carpet the neighbors put down. We share a floor, but this common space should have regulatory decorating committees. My cohort at work pondered evil schemes with me to add mayhem to the tragedy: An occasional table with tacky vase and plastic flowers. A magazine rack of fake wood filled with Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens. Hell, screw the vase – put anything by Michael Graves on it.

It’s not that I hate oriental rugs, I just hate imitation ripoff oriental rugs with bad designs.

Then as I’m driving home, I get behind this Focus hatchback in Egg Yolk yellow. Yes, that is really the name Ford calls this shade. It particularly brings attention to the birthing hips of the Focus. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the proportions. The sheer ugliness was beyond a train wreck, it was bordering on the wretchedness of an aging socialite who likes to wear themed outfits with matching accessories.

(Imagine the horror: leopard print stretch pants paired with a “furry sweater,” a faux alligator clutch, a giraffe broach and a dangly necklace with animal trinkets made to look like it was made anywhere but where it was really manufactured – by starving kids with no health care in Botswana)

Pacers had better curves. This Ford blight is venturing into Pontiac Aztek ugly.

The bright side: I don’t feel sorry for people who own Pontiac Azteks, ’cause I know they have that neat gizmo that turns the trunk into a tent.


I feel better.

The return…

of Opus

Randomly I was searching the web for comics. I came across this:

“On November 23rd, after an absence of almost ten years, Opus returns to the nation’s Sunday comic pages.”

From BerkleyBreathed.com.

I hope Bill the Cat isn’t too far behind.

I like to run and jump


After being amused by this article from Electronic Gaming Monthly, Child’s Play, I decided it was time to dust off the console.

Autumn is videogame time of year. I have lots I never play, some unopened. I treasure them though, in hopes that during retirement, I will actually go back through and beat Zelda.

Tonight’s pick was Klonoa 2. I picked up my save point from 2001 and got through four more levels. Then I got bored ’cause I had to think and turned it off. It was fun while it lasted.

I like the parts where you just run and jump. This is a good game for that. I don’t even have to worry about the camera and 3-D angles. It’s a basic side scrolling platformer with mildly spicier graphics.

If they’d lose the cutscenes and make the map world straight-forward, I’d play it more.

Aside from not being too ponderous, I had the notion: Man, I’d love it if my next job were to make a new classic side-scroller that had sweet flat graphics (but updated and anti-aliased), good level design and pertinent music. A blend of:

The control of Mario
+ the addiction of Jumpman Jr
+ the try again joy of Super Monkey Ball or Donkey Kong Jr.
+ the style of Out of This World
+ the vibe of (the first few) OddWorlds
+ the graphic language of Wipeout

In hedging on full out instrumental music…. like the Pauls Boutique era of the Dust Brothers with more of the electronic lilt of Moby – no coherent vocals, or some of modern twist on the midi-like theme songs that defined earlier games.

I’ll pick this back up later once I’ve had time to ruminate.

(link nod to jwz)