mucus plug

Sometimes I think when you’re close enough to friends, the whole “Too Much Information” phenomenon creeps into conversation more often. This was the case as I sat down with my friends at their couch, after a wonderful evening of salmon with some tangy ginger sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and some vegatables that prolly have some fancy name (mental note, get recipes and proper terms)…

These are two folks who are expecting their first child within the next month. Having a great friends go through the whole process of child incubation lends great insight. Women can develop hairy bellies, acid reflux (since all their organs are squished up together), and of course fat ankles.

Then there’s the whole process of giving birth. If all women knew what happens during this, we might have a smaller population. The first outstanding item is the high probability of, hmm, how should I put it? Taking a dump on the birthing table. With all that pushing, things are bound to happen. This isn’t the type of stuff you see in too many birthing home videos. Maybe folks shut off the camera for those moments.

Then there’s the mucus plug, which can happen anytime up until labor, without warning. According to :

“The mucus plug is an accumulation of cervical secretions, which form all throughout pregnancy to block the cervix and deter the passage of bacteria into the uterus. In early labor, the plug is usually released as a continuous stringy discharge but sometimes it can actually resemble a plug.”

Very lovely.

After this discussion, I decided to share some information about the gay community to provide balanced shock. To my surprise, I had never learned my friends of the hanky codes. With our minds open, and laptops with wireless internet, we sat on the couch and heck, I learned some stuff.

Lots more transpired this evening, but I will have to break it up into a few entries…