Seems as though my days since about, oh, November, of last year, have been a series of commitments and unwieldy to-do lists. Responsibilities that are not simple, but brain-bending problems to solve. Whether it be interpreting requirements and technical specifications for work, or understanding how I can offer support for friends or family, it seems terribly exhausting.

I’ve been lucky though. Things have been continually busy, and for the most part, that’s good for me. I don’t fret as much and squabble the hours.

I’ve also been trying to squeeze in more RnR of late, hanging with friends and enjoying things and the ever welcome spring.

I’m at a point though where I’ve got one big project I’ve been avoiding for weeks that is way overdue and powerfully bland. (insert whine) I don’t want to care about how you can share photos online with your digital phone. (Me, the poster child for over-photographing everything)… I’ll be honest, this project is locked into so many marketing rules that the ability to be creative is pretty much beaten from any possible combination of pixels.

Couple this with my mind wandering to the upcoming weekend/bear run/rodeo and you’ve got a recipe for glazed eyes.

Where’s the skip chapter feature in life? I know I’ll get this stuff done, but heck, I hate getting my panties in a bunch procrastinating.