kids are neat

So work was the normal cacophony of construction noises. I was the only one in the studio and i opened up all the windows to let the nice day in. My to-do list is daunting and there’s no real way to offload it and this concerns me greatly. Top it all off, that feeling that I could be working alone, anywhere, twists my innards more often than not.

After making no headway, I decide to drop everything and drive to my friends house to see the newborn. There on the porch of their house, mama was rocking the infant looking radiant in the spring afternoon (both mother and daughter were radiant). I sat there and got to hold her while hearing all about the child-birthing process. Everything went swimmingly and there was nary a complaint about the whole experience.

Not yet 6 days old, a quiet 9 pound baby girl. Full head o hair. Perfectly content in the nook of my arm, stretched out with the occasional pawing outward. Apparently she has none of her father’s features; he has resorted to saying, “She has my sense of humor.” and i’m sure these things will surface as she sprouts.

I’ve had great friends who have had kids before, but this little one, this one I feel might be the one that warms me most. Perhaps it’s because I enjoy the company of her parents so darn much. They’re great individuals, and an inspiring couple.