i’m glad i’m not a celebrity.

I have these days where I wake up and look in the mirror and think, oh my, This is not only a bad hair day, this is a bad head day. No length of time in a hot shower, grooming, nice colored shirt or pinching my cheeks will help. I’ll just have to trudge through and hope I don’t get too many, “You look tired” comments.

Anyway, I wonder, what if I woke up on one of those days and it was the Oscars. Some day where millions of people will be lookin at me (I shiver at the thought). Then I’d be subjected to the living room, barstool and watercooler conversation; did you see Chris? Oh, he looked really bad… That whole ensemble was NOT becoming… He looked nipped and tucked… He looked like he was on drugs. yadda yadda.

Man, I’m glad I’m not a celebrity. I only have to subject my friends and co-workers to the wrong side of the bed days.