Not the luckiest of days.

So i get to the airport a good 2.5 hours in advance of my flight to Dallas only to find out that, due to war, flights have been cut back. Mine was canceled. They had me put on another flight 5 hours later.

So off to the bar to hear folks squabble over Bush. I sat intently nursing my bad draft beer and kept a low profile.

Fast forward to Dallas, where I stand at the baggage claim carousel and watch for my suitcase. Everyone on my flight got theirs and left. I was alone when the carousel stopped with a resounding thunk.

They lost my bags.

I fill out a report with the claim agent and get a cab to the hotel.

They didn’t have me checking in until the following day.

In theory, this trip has only one direction to go from this point.

Yeehaw 🙂