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Standard, straight-through wiring for ethernet cable
* These are not necessary

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Accepting change

The evolution of Fast Food logos

I bitched about the new White Castle logo a couple years ago. Today I was driving home, saw an old Taco Bell sign and was transported back to a happier time—when evolution wasn’t so far out there.

How I miss the crisp gridded balance of yore. The warm tones are fading. Browns replaced by blues. Type now looking like it would be at home amidst fluorescent splatter from the 80’s.

*big inhale* Okay, fine. I can deal with all this change. I am resilient. I am hopeful.


Cheetos would’ve been almost appropriate

This entry really isn’t about snacks, but instead, random junk from installing a new OS. After frantically trying to find my Microsoft shirt to wear at the Apple store tonight, I gave up and have resigned myself to tackle laundry this weekend.
A wipe of my drive and another frantic search to find installer discs of my core applications, I am now all set and everything is where it should be, minus the year’s worth of crap I’d glommed on to my system.

And so, initial thoughts of Tiger…

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Gas stove woes

Imagine someone clicking two fingernails together and amplify that dozens of times with an irregular rhythm.

The pilot light keeps clicking on my stovetop. I’ve googled to no avail. Spark modules. Ignition problems. I’ve tried cleaning what I can, I just need to break down and call a professional.

In other news, CSS tools just ain’t there yet for visual point and clickers like me.

Math is hard. I’m going to have a beer.

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What the world, needs now…

…is another picture of an iPod shuffle

A few quick thoughts on this latest MP3 player from Apple, as I got to play with one the other night. I didn’t know any of the music it was shuffling through, and I liked that.

Sometimes it’s easy to ‘borrow’ music from friends, one can amass quite a bit of stuff to sift through before deciding what to buy.

I’m no longer that 15 year old staring at the linear notes for hours. There’s a lot to process it seems. More than ever? I’m not sure on that. But I do think it’s almost too easy these days. Too easy to skip around and not ever really know what’s playing.

I mentioned this in a comment at one point, but the Shuffle seems to mirror the way I enjoy music (while set to Play in Order mode). I like to have a handful of albums in the 6 CD changer, and use the forward button to skip through tracks.

If the Shuffle had a skip album button, or something more random like an 8-track player to advance you around the gig, that’d be nice. But overall, this thing is sweet.

With Napster pulling crap like this marketing, I feel pretty good that Apple is in no immediate threat of losing their current lead in digital music. The Shuffle just makes an already solid line-up even better.

iLife ‘05

2005 starts off with something nice or
I buy Apple Products. It just makes me feel special.

I have a laptop that burns CDs and I own Photoshop through way of work. In the scheme of things, I’m pretty dang lucky.

So yeah, all the hardware stuff Apple launched yesterday is nice. I respect the thought that went into each product. I think the Shuffle (used without shuffle) would be more suited for me than a big iPod, but again, I mentioned the ability to burn CDs. That’s really all I need and use for music.

The mini is quite nifty, with a little more oomph than my current system for 1/3 the price. The thing is, I wouldn’t own one without a gig of ram, and that’s pricey (without it, it would be 1/6 the price.) If I was on the market for a new computer, I would seriously consider the mini. I hope it’s a hit.

But the real pleasing thing I think, are the gradual enhancements to iLife.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

…and Chris goes to the Video Store

My brother drops off a videotape from Blockbuster for Harold and Kumar, ’cause he thinks I’ll like it. Doesn’t he know that Blockbuster has photos of me in the break room plastered on the wall with all the other rental-felons?

I won’t mention the incident in detail, but needless to say, my money is no longer good there.

Slight spoiler ahead. Stop now if you must.

So I popped the tape into the VCR I have, because you need those for old porn. At first I was half paying attention, fiddling with my laptop – but I closed the lid to actually watch the movie.

I thought this flick would be a bunch of stereotypes strung together with bong hits, and there were a few from each category, but it was actually (kinda) funny. Once Neil Patrick Harris zips by in the stolen Camry doin’ a line of coke off a hooker’s ass, I felt like I was bearing witness to cinema history.

But that moment was fleeting. I wouldn’t need to own this. If there was a sequel, I might go to a matinee. Funny yes, but not pee my pants funny. Entertainment value = $3.50

But how does it compare to a Mac Mini?

Where was I?

Linked up

Keeping track of links is sometimes no fun. I use different browsers on different computers and it never seems I have what I want right there.

At first, I thought I’d take the easy route and make my own page to handle everything. It worked, for a while—then the bother of being at my computer with FTP made it less attractive. I’m not going to develop some fancy online form to add to it, that would require me knowing how to code.

Then along came some time ago, and I fiddled with it, but did not invest too much thought. After a while of perusing their Popular Links, it began to sink in how handy the service could be. Imagine if everyone kept their bookmarks online, and you could sort by category or popularity.

Mind you, it’s an ugly site, but highly functional. There’s even RSS feeds for those inclined to harness the power of feeds. In theory, I could make my own page more dynamic on my site, but until then, I just add any interesting tidbit to my page there: It’s handy for now.

Next technology topic that was so 2004: flickr

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Delicious Library

Testing, 1 2 3

Delicious Library was released today, an application that lets you create a database of media (music, videogames and books).

The neat part is that you can use an iSight camera to read the bar codes and it automatically populates the rest of the data from Amazon. It brings down thumbnail, track listings, short description and related items.

Another feature lets you lend out items to friends in your contact list.

All in all, first impression is that it is very nifty. Seems that a few videogames I have cannot be found in the database My guess is that new platinum versions may have made the original barcode obsolete. The brushed metal appearance, though it jives with iTunes, is tired.

I’m trying to figure out the purpose of this other than, look at all my stuff!

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I elect to clean up my computer

Mac OS X geekery ahead: A few handy utilities to the rescue

My computer’s been grinding lately, pausing, unhappy in general. I believe it has something to do with a lack of disk space, some bloated swap file, having lots of apps open, and refreshing caches a boatload.

It’s hard to find out where space is being used in Mac OS X, so this little app called WhatSize is a superfriend—ordering a column view of everythings sorted with file and directory sizes listed.

What are swap files? I think they’re temporary memory. So to force the system to clean things up, I’ve used MacJanitor. With this, I reclaimed over a gig. ( offending hidden files were located at /computer/var/vm/swapfile0-4, don’t delete these though, this app will do it for you )

I was able to archive some projects and photos to clear up a good 15% of hard drive space for the hungry UNIX underpinnings.

Still think there’s something fishy about disk usage? There’s some freeware out there to help you find duplicate files.

Yes, I did vote today, that’s another story, but now, I have to get back to work, and this machine is much happier.

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