What the world, needs now…

…is another picture of an iPod shuffle

A few quick thoughts on this latest MP3 player from Apple, as I got to play with one the other night. I didn’t know any of the music it was shuffling through, and I liked that.

Sometimes it’s easy to ‘borrow’ music from friends, one can amass quite a bit of stuff to sift through before deciding what to buy.

I’m no longer that 15 year old staring at the linear notes for hours. There’s a lot to process it seems. More than ever? I’m not sure on that. But I do think it’s almost too easy these days. Too easy to skip around and not ever really know what’s playing.

I mentioned this in a comment at one point, but the Shuffle seems to mirror the way I enjoy music (while set to Play in Order mode). I like to have a handful of albums in the 6 CD changer, and use the forward button to skip through tracks.

If the Shuffle had a skip album button, or something more random like an 8-track player to advance you around the gig, that’d be nice. But overall, this thing is sweet.

With Napster pulling crap like this marketing, I feel pretty good that Apple is in no immediate threat of losing their current lead in digital music. The Shuffle just makes an already solid line-up even better.

One response to “What the world, needs now…”

  1. davis Avatar

    Just scored me one… Had been selling out every time, before I got to the Apple store. Continuously checked day after day, in and around town. Played with it some in the store. Now for the acid test…. hoping I can put large music files.
    As for Napster.. they’ve got credibility issues.. and no real pull.. so why not knock on the big boy (ipod + itunes) and make a mark?