Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

…and Chris goes to the Video Store

My brother drops off a videotape from Blockbuster for Harold and Kumar, ’cause he thinks I’ll like it. Doesn’t he know that Blockbuster has photos of me in the break room plastered on the wall with all the other rental-felons?

I won’t mention the incident in detail, but needless to say, my money is no longer good there.

Slight spoiler ahead. Stop now if you must.

So I popped the tape into the VCR I have, because you need those for old porn. At first I was half paying attention, fiddling with my laptop – but I closed the lid to actually watch the movie.

I thought this flick would be a bunch of stereotypes strung together with bong hits, and there were a few from each category, but it was actually (kinda) funny. Once Neil Patrick Harris zips by in the stolen Camry doin’ a line of coke off a hooker’s ass, I felt like I was bearing witness to cinema history.

But that moment was fleeting. I wouldn’t need to own this. If there was a sequel, I might go to a matinee. Funny yes, but not pee my pants funny. Entertainment value = $3.50

But how does it compare to a Mac Mini?

  Harold and Kumar
Go to White Castle
on VHS
Mac mini
Processor 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4
Cache 512 KB on-chip
System bus speed 533 MHz
Memory 256 MB
Video memory 32 MB
Video bus AGP 4x
Resolution 640×480 1280 X 1024
Storage 88 Minutes (120 if erased) 40 GB
Hard drive bus Ultra ATA
DVD read 8x
CD read 24x
CD-R 24x
CD-RW 16x
FireWire 1 FireWire 400
USB 2 2.0
Modem 56K
Ethernet 100BaseT
Software Mac OS X, Text Edit, Calculator, Stickies, Mail, iLife ’05, Quicken
Warranty Return for exchange 1 year parts and labor;
90 days phone support
Billable wages I could muster with this purchase -$52.89 $748.54 A good amount
[not including an Apple
mouse and keyboard]

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