Where was I?

Linked up

Keeping track of links is sometimes no fun. I use different browsers on different computers and it never seems I have what I want right there.

At first, I thought I’d take the easy route and make my own page to handle everything. It worked, for a while—then the bother of being at my computer with FTP made it less attractive. I’m not going to develop some fancy online form to add to it, that would require me knowing how to code.

Then along came del.icio.us some time ago, and I fiddled with it, but did not invest too much thought. After a while of perusing their Popular Links, it began to sink in how handy the service could be. Imagine if everyone kept their bookmarks online, and you could sort by category or popularity.

Mind you, it’s an ugly site, but highly functional. There’s even RSS feeds for those inclined to harness the power of feeds. In theory, I could make my own page more dynamic on my site, but until then, I just add any interesting tidbit to my page there: http://del.icio.us/glass. It’s handy for now.

Next technology topic that was so 2004: flickr