Delicious Library

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Delicious Library was released today, an application that lets you create a database of media (music, videogames and books).

The neat part is that you can use an iSight camera to read the bar codes and it automatically populates the rest of the data from Amazon. It brings down thumbnail, track listings, short description and related items.

Another feature lets you lend out items to friends in your contact list.

All in all, first impression is that it is very nifty. Seems that a few videogames I have cannot be found in the database My guess is that new platinum versions may have made the original barcode obsolete. The brushed metal appearance, though it jives with iTunes, is tired.

I’m trying to figure out the purpose of this other than, look at all my stuff!

One response to “Delicious Library”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    I use it to make sure I don’t buy things more than once.. that and the lending feature. I used to use Books for this sort of thing, but I am considering switching.