Try AOL for Broadband

I’ve bitched about it before, I’ll bitch about it again.

Dear AOL,

My mom told me not to hate, but you leave me no choice.

No matter how many checkboxes I un-check, you still insist on littering your frickin “Try AOL for Broadband” and “Refer a friend” dingleberries all over my system every time I’m forced to upgrade AIM.

If you think you’re winning customers with these tactics, think again.

I hate you. I hate your box ads (Who on EARTH clicks on these?!). I hate your privacy settings. I hate your icons. And I’ve never used your broadband service, and you can bet your sweet bottom I never will.


Have a great day,
Chris Glass

One response to “Try AOL for Broadband”

  1. fizixx Avatar

    I hate AOL too. They brand everything and it took me days to rid my system of the garbage they placed on it. I loved your letter. I say we start a campaign against these moronic marketing idiots and their juvenile, annoying tactics whereby if they choose to be annoying, then we choose to stop using their products.
    Companies that annoy me with SPAM or tactics like you mentioned regarding AOL I do not use. In fact I won’t ever use them. Insurance companies, credit card companies and some banks. Entities that resort to annoying people do not deserve incomes.