Try AOL for Broadband

I’ve bitched about it before, I’ll bitch about it again.

Dear AOL,

My mom told me not to hate, but you leave me no choice.

No matter how many checkboxes I un-check, you still insist on littering your frickin “Try AOL for Broadband” and “Refer a friend” dingleberries all over my system every time I’m forced to upgrade AIM.

If you think you’re winning customers with these tactics, think again.

I hate you. I hate your box ads (Who on EARTH clicks on these?!). I hate your privacy settings. I hate your icons. And I’ve never used your broadband service, and you can bet your sweet bottom I never will.


Have a great day,
Chris Glass

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Packages are fun

Frenchy is a godsend

The UPS man finally caught me…
and how happy I was, whenever he does.

Now I am truly bi-platform, as the software inside the box allows me to do what I need to do on a PC.

I’ve been stuck in front of PCs before, but I will admit, each version of Microsoft’s OS seems to be getting brighter and more enjoyable — however there seems to be more pauses between activity, and I am still longing for the crisp immediacy that seems to have been beaten out of these new-fangled operating systems.

The spinning beachball on my Mac is a testament to this notion.

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Top 10 reasons why PCs are not Evil

10. Every time I hear the Google toolbar’s *tick* blocking a popup ad, I find a small comfort that I am thwarting a marketer. (This gets regulated to the “bottom” of the list since Safari has this tastefully built in along with tabbed-browsing – the most useful feature _EVER_)

9. This is harder than I thought. Maybe I should have said the Top 9 reasons.

8. Java works. (Write once run anywhere my ass)

7. ALT tags are visible on hover. (Okay, I’m stretching here)

6. Pirating made easy. (P2P file sharing apps, ripping off video, burning ROMs to Dreamcast emulators, etc.)

5. Every few days, I like to re-evaluate program defaults. Really, I do.

4. Right clicking yields lots more options (than a mac).

3. Customizable experience.

2. Google toolbar allows quick lookup of dictionary words like jejune.

1. They’re cheap.

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I broke my computer

Who needs Aqua

I installed some stupid hack to rid my system of the annoying “brushed metal” appearance and I hated it even more. So I ran the uninstall script that, upon restart, stuck my system in console mode.

Dave helped me ‘root’ around remotedly and identify the missing corrupted file. I did lots of two letter commands and I was back in business.

Lesson learned: Never download a system hack from a porn site.

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Geek Treasure #151

Select, copy, paste, mutilate

The new Preview application in the latest version of Mac OS X allows you to copy text from a PDF and paste it into any other type of document. Sure this feature is available in Adobe’s full blown Acrobat suite, but I never upgraded to the native version.

What I was amazed to find though, was the new tool to allow copying of the vector path info, which can also be pasted from the clipboard into applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.

This both disturbs and thrills me. How often have I asked for a logo from a client and they don’t have a “clean” version handy? On the flipside, I thought one of the best features of PDFs were the “locked” down information that could not be repurposed.

Grin and hmph.

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