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  • International videoconferencing

    Computers are magic (when they work) Been trying to get Kim’s laptop to hook up with her dad’s PC so they can stay in touch while she and Kelley are out on tour all over the world. (If anyone has insight on cross-platform video chatting software/tips, let me know! update: we’re moving away from AIM […]

  • Photoshop Express

    It’s kinda like Photoshop, but free, and without an installer disk Got the news this morning that Photoshop Express is in beta and out publicly. Most folks are familiar with Photoshop—so ubiquitous it’s a verb. But it has traditionally been big and expensive and hard to approach. This new web version is none of those […]

  • artifacts

    a glitch while importing digital footage The crunching of video continues. I’ve now imported 40 gigs of footage to whittle down to 36 minutes or so. More on the results another day, I’m knee deep in production at the moment. I’ve jumped through three programs trying to find the right balance of features and ease […]

  • The Barbinator 3000

    Making “noise” in the studio [ + a better view ] Where Wendy brings a sense of direction and order to the workspace, the other third of Wire and Twine– Tom – brings musical taste, whimsy, and the ability to make things out of nothing. Just yesterday after finishing up his real tasks for the […]

  • 30 some odd days with the iPhone

    ack ack ack I figured I’d use the new Apple device a while before piecing together my thoughts. Up front: this is my 2nd unit. The first one didn’t like getting coverage. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced it on the spot with one that works quite well. Reception has been […]

  • Can you lasso a star from the sky?

    sharpie lovin’ My friend Tom makes super fun doodles. He’ll have a lot less to draw when everything is converged (into say, one device from Apple, Inc). Some things however, will always be free. To quote Mango, Can you know the mighty ocean? Can you lasso a star from the sky? Can you say to […]

  • i-fan

    A powerful 2-in-1 fan! I ’bout peed my pants when a friend I call “Brown” pulled this gift out of her (what I assume was a…) Wal*Mart bag. The package attempts to pull cues from Apple design, as does the product itself—essentially a fan with two speeds: off or on. It sucks in air from […]

  • a font took my job

    (Well, not recently…) My first job was working the grill at Coney Island with my friend Gretchen. We got covered in grease and bleach while all our other friends goofed off as parking attendants, reading books and getting tan. I’m not bitter. We ate better and made tips. My second job was at Kroger, renting […]

  • For Reference (#2)

    Standard, straight-through wiring for ethernet cable * These are not necessary

  • Accepting change

    The evolution of Fast Food logos I bitched about the new White Castle logo a couple years ago. Today I was driving home, saw an old Taco Bell sign and was transported back to a happier time—when evolution wasn’t so far out there. How I miss the crisp gridded balance of yore. The warm tones […]