Favorite photos from 2005

70 or so clicks


10 responses to “Favorite photos from 2005”

  1. duane Avatar

    I know you said that you are looking to improve your craft, but I think that you are pretty refined. One of the main reasons I keep coming back, is because of your great eye, and ability to capture what you see. You are a great photographer, and I look forward to 2006!

  2. chuck Avatar

    thanks for sharing, chris. i enjoyed, as always : ) aloha, chuck

  3. Kell Avatar

    Agreed–I think you’re doing pretty darn good. I first found your website out of a tinge of homesickness for Cincinnati (and based on the places you take your pictures I can’t help but wonder if we’ve ever run into each other–you still have to hit the Comet on a Sunday evening for burritos and bluegrass, though), but find myself referencing it more for your technique and composition…not to mention your web links and soup recipe (gone in two days). Hands down you’re one of my best finds of 2005.

  4. Dave Avatar

    I’ll echo what the previous poster said — your site is one of my favorite finds of 2005 (thanks to a link from Half Mad). It’s become a daily stop for me. I don’t know much about photography but your clarity and technique blow me away. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Phu Avatar

    Lovely, lovely stuff! As others have said, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff in 2006 and can only hope that some of your eye for beauty and creative finesse will trickle its way back down to some of us.
    Nice work Chris!

  6. neal gardner Avatar

    a great year.
    excellent work; you should be very proud.
    ivy+dog+window is my pick for year’s best.

  7. Matt Avatar

    Absolutely stunning. I can’t imagine how long it took you to put this together.

  8. Cedric Avatar

    Your blog is bookmarked since many months on my computer, and it’s always a good moment to check for the new posts everyday. Thanks for this ” best of ” !

  9. A.J. Avatar

    without doubt, you are one incredible photog.
    i esp love the horizontal croppings for the blog entries.
    your site is a must.

  10. Jez Avatar

    Great site Chris..
    Yours is one of the best sites on the web…
    I am travelling at the moment, and during my “working” hours, I get to spend a lot of time surfing ye olde t’interweb and I always spend some time EVERY day looking at the new entrys / photos on the site.
    Keep up the Good Work! Like your Flickr piccys..