2 duds + random photos

If you can’t read the Post-Its®, the text is below

Dear Bughouse –

Sorry these 2 movies (Wedding Crashers & Dukes of Hazzard) are late.

I will pay the fees, but in the future — if anyone is upset these movies are NOT available, please inform them that both movies are terrible anyway.

I’m embarrassed I even rented them, but Bubble was checked out.

On a different note, there’ve been lots of photos that haven’t found a home yet:

PhotosLeftovers (so far) in February

3 responses to “2 duds + random photos”

  1. have you seen glitter with mariah carey?
    it is a great film to make fun of — sort of cult.
    the only great thing about wedding crashers
    is the young artist — the only thing i really laughed at in the film.
    luv the site chris