Cramming the days together

It’s almost the weekend again and I’ve not caught up from the last one.

PhotosSome extra photos from St. Louis

In other news:

Work continues to be a combination of tending to existing projects and finding time to work on the big to-do list of new things.

Having the TV without any sort of broadcast signal has been super helpful to that regard.

I can’t breathe through my nostrils and although this is not the worst thing that could happen, it certainly is annoying.

So many folks getting married or having babies. A good friend called to say she stopped drinking, and immediately I knew she was pregnant. Both (future) parents are really awesome people and I’m thrilled.

I was hoping for more excitement from E3 announcements, but more than anything, I just vacillate between being over and underwhelmed. I’ll admit I’m a Nintendo fanboy, but waving a controller in the air sorta freaks me out.

A highlight of the week was renting The Family Stone from the videostore up the street. It was free because I’ve rented so many movies. The downfall? It was a flimsy shod of a movie. Two thumbs down, minus 3.5 stars.

3 responses to “recap”

  1. chuck Avatar

    i loved that movie! maybe it’s because my family is very much the same…everyone in everyone’s business. i especially liked the part where one slapped the back of one’s head, then the other one did the same thing. classic! plus, i was happy with the fact that the gay couple seemed to be the most “normal” out of all of them. : )
    big alohaz to you, chris…i always enjoying reading and looking at your photos.

  2. chris glass Avatar

    I hope alls well out there in lovely Hawaii Chuck! Eat some pineapple for me.

  3. chuck Avatar

    will do!