favorites from 2004

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I truly enjoyed going back through photos from 2005. So much in fact, that I thought I’d go back through the previous year. I already had the templates and actions set in Photoshop so it was a simple workflow.

Some interesting things happened, comparing the years. I apparently have an obsession with call buttons on airplanes (I spared including those), and I have a thing for standing behind folks when they’re preparing food.

I also snapped a number of self-portraits in ’04 (rare these days). Many are included (one embarrassing), and a handful taken by other folks.

Seems that I took more photos of people in general, an area I’d like to strengthen in ’06.

Lots of emotions here, a few sad, but for the most part it was a year with many fond memories.

Favorite photos from 2004

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  1. Kell Avatar

    Yessssssss! (Who knew you looked so much like the guy from Iron & Wine?)