Category: Nostalgia

  • And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon that is dreaming

    At McDonalds in the outdoor eating area, this bird awaits scraps Back in middle school we had to recite poems in front of the class. Not only that, we were required to dress up in some fashion, inspired by the work. I try not to think about this very offten—if ever, but when I sat […]

  • Another day, another NIN album

    Sometimes it’s best to leave things on the shelf, as a memory. “It isn’t necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.” — Frank Zappa (and no, there is not a connection between the title of this post and the […]

  • fancy country

    It’s better than MTV ’cause folks really sing Tonight I wasn’t in to watching kids doing shots of root beer in uncomfortable imitation of their parents on that reality show. So, I decided to turn on the Country Music Awards. If anything, I can catch up on the world of popular country music. I’m very […]

  • Motel

    Monroe, OH This motel was often called the Fantasy Farm Motel (be sure to check out the interior photo) It sits near Fantasy Farm and LeSourdsville Lake Park (which used to be Americana Amusement Park). Confusing? Yes. Some answers about the long history of the parks, more here. Me? I just thought the motel was […]

  • They suckered me with nostalgia

    A special at Hardees And it was just a big dumb burger. What I really wanted, was a fun meal. (see more at The Imaginary World’s Fast Food Archive) Current music: The Busy Signals “Low On The Foodchain”

  • Island of Misfit Toys

    bumble I took a picture of these toys back in 2003, but now I’ve got a better camera so I figured I would commit these figurines to some extra megapixels. Sadly, I forgot to include Yukon Cornelius into the group portrait this time around. Otherwise, it’s a mellow, quiet saturday and I’m not complaining one […]

  • inflatable

    The new replacement for tacky seasonal flags Nothing quite says the holidays like a big ol’ ripstop-nylon Santa riding a motorcycle inflated by electric fan on the lawn. I’m trying to squelch a tirade over these monstrosities… The 6-foot tall snowglobes a-flurry with styrofoam flakes… the reindeer with light up noses and insides… the snowman […]

  • childhood architecture

    …comes alive like Frampton If you asked me to draw a house as a kid, this is what I would have drawn. Centered door, two windows with four panes, triangle roof, and a chimney. A tree that looked an awful lot like a cloud would probably be nearby. So imagine my surprise when I drove […]

  • pincushion

    satiny I’m working from my mom’s house today, which is a nice change of pace. There are cats, a stocked fridge, and all these little knick knacks (on a tangent to figure out how to spell this, I found Tattoo from Fantasy Island played a Bond villian by the name of Nick Nack.) One thing […]

  • grease therapy

    Monochromatic food Today on the way back from the pharmacy, driving carefully and feeling the odd sensation of putting preference on my left hand, I gave in to lazy hunger. Even though I think their new logo is just plain bad, I still make a biannual trip to Long John Silvers and remind myself why […]