childhood architecture

…comes alive like Frampton

If you asked me to draw a house as a kid, this is what I would have drawn.

Centered door, two windows with four panes, triangle roof, and a chimney. A tree that looked an awful lot like a cloud would probably be nearby.

So imagine my surprise when I drove through Mt. Airy (Cincinnati) the other week and spied the house I architected as a child, albeit with shutters and sans the chimney.

3 responses to “childhood architecture”

  1. Chris Glass Avatar

    I’m told architected is not a word.

  2. Brian Gilham Avatar

    However you describe it, it’s scary just how much that house matches the image I’ve had in my brain since childhood, as well.

  3. BB Avatar

    That’s so cool. And I think architected is a lovely word…
    BTW – have you tried this? A personality test based on how you draw a house. A fun diversion.