grease therapy

Monochromatic food

Today on the way back from the pharmacy, driving carefully and feeling the odd sensation of putting preference on my left hand, I gave in to lazy hunger.

Even though I think their new logo is just plain bad, I still make a biannual trip to Long John Silvers and remind myself why that trip is just biannual.

There’s a bit of nostalgia there. As kids we coveted not only the paper pirate hats but the little bits of fried batter lovingly called, “the crispies.”

3 responses to “grease therapy”

  1. Jason Ahlers Avatar
    Jason Ahlers

    Chris – I like LJS and Kate likes Captain D’s. Could you please lend a vote to this conundrum. 🙂

  2. chris glass Avatar

    jason, i’ve never eaten at captain d’s
    so i think that is a vote all unto itself.

  3. Rick Fowler Avatar

    You should come visit me in England, and I’ll take you to a REAL chippy for fish n chips. We can even get battered Mars bars or Cadbury eggs at the local. 😉
    I’m only here two more months though, so make it snappy.