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April 26, 2006



I'm working from my mom’s house today, which is a nice change of pace. There are cats, a stocked fridge, and all these little knick knacks (on a tangent to figure out how to spell this, I found Tattoo from Fantasy Island played a Bond villian by the name of Nick Nack.)

One thing I've found this afternoon is this pincushion that, if memory serves, has been around since childhood. I was fascinated with it, along with all the other paraphernalia in the sewing room. There was a case with bobbins, attachments for buttonholes, gears, shuttles, plates, and a bunch of other stuff that to me, looked like spaceships.

The best toys are always the things you shouldn't be using. Which reminds me of a desktop recorder I would use with the cassette door open as a jeep or Landspeeder. Ah the hours I spent pushing it around with my eye at carpet level as a kid.

Back on topic with pincushions and the like: I never did get the knack (there's that word again) for sewing. My duffel bag project in middle school Home Ec was a disaster.

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My mom's was a strawberry.

What's with little boys having to be at eye-level with their toys? I watch my nephew lie on the carpet while he's playing, peering at his trains and cars from floor level, and I always wonder what he's thinking.

Love your journal. Thanks for letting us in.

Posted by: Corinne | Apr 28, 2006 7:30:11 PM

thank ya didacts

Posted by: chris | Apr 26, 2006 7:29:43 PM

This is great! The photo in your last post was good, but I love this one. You're on a roll. I like the creativity mixed with the color mixed with the realistic element (my mom had a similiar piincushion) of the photo. Thanks.

Posted by: Didactic | Apr 26, 2006 7:28:08 PM

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