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Rousters Apples

Them apples

There’s a place out near where I grew up called Rousters that has the best apples. This orchard has crafted a particularly sweet and crunchy variety with a juicy white flesh and a freckled matte skin. They call ’em Krispy, and I’ve never been able to find their equal in the produce aisle of any supermarket.

Sometimes you have to get on a waiting list just to buy a bag of them.

Called em up today and they said they had them available. So I hit the road and rolled down the windows to let in the fall air, drove through tree covered backroads under the changing leaves, and picked up a huge bag and a half of these things, along with two gallons of cider.

I made some deliveries and got back home right around dusk, and I’ll be honest, I hadn’t stolen a bite of one yet. I was sort of afraid that maybe they didn’t taste as good. Perhaps my memory twisted them into something that was no more, or never was.

I’m glad to report, my memory is perfectly intact, I’ve several cores to prove it.

Fans, BBQ, dirt and dams

All BBQ joints should be garish

Today I went up north and had BBQ. The day was especially perfect. While friends were tending to some house details, I got to entertain the little one outside in the dirt, stacking clumps of hardened earth and drawing in the loose dried topsoil with a stick.

For a moment, I remembered the creek behind the house growing up. The dams me and my brothers would make.

Nature makes the best toys.

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I’m going to miss orange

Ye olde LifeSavers

I’m late to the game and did not realize that they switched up the flavors on basic LifeSavers after 70 years of the trusted favorites (or not).

Goodbye orange, lemon and lime
Hello raspberry, watermelon and blackberry.


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From the book Meet Mr. Product— Burger Chef

The three bears are in town.

Weather’s nice.

Went to the museum.

Jim bought this book with all these advertising characters.

I was in a photo shoot for a music video proof of concept thing.

I was supposed to look mad, crazy, scruffy and slobby.

We a nice lunch at a new place for me… Potluck, it’s called. Tasty curried chicken salad sandwich and good pickle.

Weather’s nice.

Oh wait, I said that. It’s Friday anyway. Time to kick back.


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I like these

There’s an awkward feeling of conformity when I fork over the 3 bucks for Girl Scout Cookies. With every bite I wonder if I’m going to become…


I have no idea why that is, but if I did more research, I’m sure there’s potential to frighten me with the Girl Scout agenda.

But every year, I plunk down some cash for the girls and their moms outside the supermarket, and in this year’s case, fill out the order form at the water cooler in the office.

My order was waiting for me on my arrival to Columbus. Perfect for the mid-afternoon sugar rush I crave.

There’s something nostalgic and comforting about tearing the crinkly wax plastic and into the partially hydrogenated goodness.


My Phone

So I just got a call this morning. The apartment I was hoping to get is a go. This means I have a lot of stuff to get in order.

One significant thing I am hoping to change with the move is to get rid of the land-line and switch to the whole cable modem + mobile phone. It should be considerably cheaper in the long haul, and this pleases me.

What I will miss however, is the nice full rich timbre of this classic phone when it rings. Or the radio call-in clarity of the connection. Or the surprise when I answer it without knowing who is on the other line.

I could go on a rant about cell phones, their annoying rings and etiquette, but I need to start cleaning house.

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Many faces

Superhero, Robot, Beast

Well, I was going to rip a shirt and take a picture of my man-tit, because frankly, we need more boobs in American media.

But alas, I didn’t want to ruin a shirt.

So I took a picture of Man-e-faces, the HeMan action figure I scored off ebay for less than 5 bucks instead.

If I was really good, I’d wrap this up by bring together the image and text, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out that way.

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The Island of Misfit Toys

Rudolph’s nose lights up

Christmas was extended with a trip to Wendy and Tom’s house. We shared a meal and exchanged gifts, then broke out Anne’s new Folio Yahtzee Edition. What fun! Also gave me an opportunity to snag a photo of the misfit toys placed on the mantle.

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