fancy country

It’s better than MTV ’cause folks really sing

Tonight I wasn’t in to watching kids doing shots of root beer in uncomfortable imitation of their parents on that reality show. So, I decided to turn on the Country Music Awards.

If anything, I can catch up on the world of popular country music. I’m very out of touch with it.

Often I think the latest generation of this genre is too polished—in production and appearance—but then I remember watching the Grand Ole Opry on the tube when I was much shorter.

I always asked why Minnie Pearl didn’t cut the tag off her hats.

And what on earth was that Porter Wagoner character wearing? Turns out those rhinestone-covered suits were quite popular at the time. A product of a tailor named Nudie Cohn. They were called Nudie Suits and worn by folks like Elvis, Hank Williams, Roy Rogers and Gram Parsons.

Porter passed on a couple weeks ago by the way. I’m taking off my cap and pressin mute for a moment.

So I suppose new country isn’t too much different than old country. There’s still big hair and fancy clothes. A little twang and cheatin hearts.

And I’ve gotta run, some fellas named Big & Rich just got on stage and one of ’ems dressed like Mystery, they have go-go dancers and zany graphics whirling all over on the back wall.

Current music: Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner “Just Someone I Used to Know”