Island of Misfit Toys


I took a picture of these toys back in 2003, but now I’ve got a better camera so I figured I would commit these figurines to some extra megapixels.

Sadly, I forgot to include Yukon Cornelius into the group portrait this time around.

Otherwise, it’s a mellow, quiet saturday and I’m not complaining one bit.

Post note: Where can one find these toys?

There are some if you follow the Memory Lane Amazon “store”

Another avenue to explore? Ebay and Ebay express

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4 responses to “Island of Misfit Toys”

  1. sis Avatar

    i absolutely love those!! Neva too old for those shows eitha….call me ya brat ur hard to get a hold of now…miss ya…love sis

  2. CrioKnight Avatar

    These are awesome. I spent all weekend watching these on abcFamily. My two young ones love it! I think at this point in my life I relate to them because I’m the misfit toy.
    These rock.

  3. D R E W Avatar

    ahhhh, yukon…. an early bear crush of mine. hehehe…

  4. Jeff Avatar

    They all are excellent representations except the A.Snowman figure doesn’t look right to me 🙁 He was my favorite. I’m a total sucker for gigantic goofy monsters.