The new replacement for tacky seasonal flags

Nothing quite says the holidays like a big ol’ ripstop-nylon Santa riding a motorcycle inflated by electric fan on the lawn.

I’m trying to squelch a tirade over these monstrosities… The 6-foot tall snowglobes a-flurry with styrofoam flakes… the reindeer with light up noses and insides… the snowman and his family. Littering lawns across the country, thank you very much Wal-Mart economies built on oversea’s labor.

I’m trying not to be jaded. These things have been around in some form or another for many years, and if I were 6 years old, they would be the neatest things on planet earth.

I wasn’t immune to holiday kitsch as a youngster. I’d get giddy when the Christmas boxes came down from the attic, and be the first to break out the Swedish-angel-carousel-chime-thing with the candles (pictured right).

I’d fiddle too much with it and get wax all over the base. But oh the joy of hearing that ding, ding, ding, ding, ding as the heat rose up and got that windmill apparatus to start spinning.

Good times.

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5 responses to “inflatable”

  1. Brian Faust Avatar

    *sigh* I wish they would go away (inflatables, that is).
    The worst part about them, I think, is that during the day all the gaudiness from the night before is reduced to a melted heap of deflated plastic on the ground.
    To me they just look like trash. With or without air in them 🙁

  2. CrioKnight Avatar

    I have the same aversion to these things. OMG. I thought I was the only one. I think they have become more prevalent just because they’re so cheap now. I see them at the local Walgreens for like $50 bucks now. I see it as a copy out to not put lights and something more creative out there and just have something that will say, “Yeah, I’m into Christmas but I don’t feel like putting up real ornaments.” By the way, where can I get that Swedish angel carousel. That is SO neat. My daughter would love to stare at one of those for hours. Maybe it’s just children’s fascination with candles and flame. Regardless, give me some more infor please. And in case I forget or don’t post before the end of the season Chris, Happy Channukah, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa. 🙂

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    Heya Crio, you can buy the angel chimes here, this online store has a good google rating for what it’s worth.

  4. John T Avatar
    John T

    What’s not to love about the Swedish chime thing — it spins, makes noise, sparkles, burns, and spills hot wax. My parents had the one you pictured plus a bigger multi-tiered wooden one (without bells, but obviously more fun because of the increased fire hazard). Thanks for the nostalgia moment.

  5. Girl Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    The latest header pic on my blog is from the outside of a house in the Castro. It is an amazing decorating feat. I’ll post some more pictures as the season progresses.