vanilla frosty

One of these days I will make a new journal category: junk food

Is it possible to be better than the regular (chocolate) frosty?

The answer is no.

Unless you like the taste of ice milk.

5 responses to “vanilla frosty”

  1. Well Drew, if you LIKE ice milk, then you might go ga-ga over it.
    I haven’t liked ice milk since Ponderosa had that “sundae bar” and ruined the concept for me.

  2. I assume it would be like the McFrosty or McBlizzard or whatever they call it at McDonalds.
    The Oreo Cookie McSomething was actually pretty good. It doesn’t compare with the walk-up Dairy Queen down the street though.
    And the girl with the red hair still frightens me.

  3. It might seem a bit wyrd to some, but I (used to) like dipping my french fries into the chocolate frosty. The hot/cold and salty/sweet combo was excellant.