the kind of blackberry you save for last

Breakfast at the National Exemplar, Mariemont

We had my favorite hostess on Sunday. It wasn’t a coincidence.

She starts with a big ol hug and then serves a bloody mary and mimosa with a twinkle.

I got above average bacon and eggs with bluegerm (blueberry + wheatgerm?) pancakes.

But dang I wish I had gotten the Tropical French Toast (sans coconut). The fruit looked amazing. Particularly the mongo blackberry.

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  1. I concur. I stole a couple bites of the same bluegerm pancackes from my lady and they were delicious. Like blueberry pancakes but with a little more texture and crunch.

  2. It is funny that I see this today, because I watched “The Good Girl” last night, and it totally makes me think of it. Ha!

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