Not the band

Dog-sitting in the “nice” part of town, I found my car rifled through overnight. I mentally swatted my knuckles for not locking the car doors, but in reality, I hoped the perpetrator(s) would have just taken every piece of junk I cart around in my aging sedan.

They even took a Rice Kripsie Treat saved from a camping trip last fall that I kept in my glove compartment.

A Rice Krispie Treat I kept there in case I would find myself stranded this past winter—caught in a some snowy gulch like that fella from Misery.

That option gone, I was still craving something sweet and headed over to the Hyde Park Kroger, only to find my favorite flavor of ice cream, ever.


Maybe I love it so much because it is so hard to find.

No, I’m not talking about the yellowy banana flavoring found in Steak and Shake shakes. Or that Ben & Jerry’s variety with chunks of chocolate and nuts begging for attention.

I’m talking plain banana.

And not only did I find a pint, but I found that it is locally made by Aglamesis Brothers with simple ingredients. It is fantastic.

They have a parlor in Oakley Square I must have driven past hundreds of times and never noticed. I’m making a point to stop by sometime this summer.

5 responses to “nirvana”

  1. Jez Avatar

    My girlfriends car got broken into once. Well, not really broken into.. more like they opened the boot which she always left unlocked.
    They searched through the entire car, and after having a sift of her (admittedly terrible music collection) and the boot(trunk), they left without taking anything! 🙂
    Anyway.. thought you better know, but you made it to the front page of Typepad Home today.. as it says “Chris Glass
    A personal blog from a prodigous talent.”

  2. Kell Avatar

    Whoa! Congrats on the Typepad Homepage display! Anyway I was going to say that though Aglamesis’ parlor is full of old world charm, the ice cream just never compared to Graeter’s. Perhaps I’ve never given them enough of a chance. Perhaps I need to try the banana. Who needs a banana split when you can just mash it all together, right?

  3. Didactic Avatar

    Psss…. If the drive to the store is too long for you, I’ve seen Aglamesis at Kroger too (at least those in the “nice” parts of town).
    Congrats on the popularity.

  4. A.J. Avatar

    my alltime fave icecream flavor is PEANUT.

  5. D R E W Avatar

    you have never been to aglamesis’ bros?! their sundaes blow graeter’s out of the water.