Dinner Club: Frischs


fudge cake photo for k8

Enjoyed a Big Boy in Mariemont.

Some folks say Muh-ree-mont, some folks say Marrymont. I just know it’s where my mom grew up and they have an old Frischs “Mainliner.”

We haven’t gotten together for dinner club in months. This can largely be attributed to the holidays, folks planning (legal) marriages, some babies in the makin, and babies made.

We ate grease, caught up on life, and the state of television.

PhotosSome photos, mainly of the food

4 responses to “Dinner Club: Frischs”

  1. Libby Avatar

    Wow. That looks even better than it did Tuesday.

  2. D R E W Avatar

    i say “muh-ree-mont” for some reason.

  3. tim Avatar

    I grew up in Madeira, and left there 30 years ago… surprised to see that that Marymount (we said Marry-mount too, and my mother was born there in 1920) Frisch’s is still around.
    Where did they get that ‘mainliner’ idea anyway? I know it kinda meant a ‘flagship’ frisch’s, a big one…
    They still have that strawberry pie with the unnaturally big strawberries and that pink glue holding it together?

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    They still do in the summer Tim.
    And pumpkin pie in the fall.