On paper


Dan and I have been slowly collecting all the bits and signatures to make “us” official (as much as we can in the eyes of the state).

I’d imagine getting married involves as much a paper trail, but Target doesn’t have a registry for domestic partners—so there are some differences. I suppose.

This morning we drove to the bank to get one of the last and more important documents notarized proper. In lieu of birdseed thrown our way, we treated ourselves to a really excellent lunch.

Nothing wrong with feeling lucky sometimes.

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she got the green thumb

Alternate photo for the day is here

I’ve been pretty diligent with scheduling these days. Monday started off with a slip of my mind however and I drove down to Cincinnati to go over some screens.

I found myself with just enough time to squeeze in a haircut at my barber and boy was that long overdue. If only I could have been cleaned up for the wedding.

Picked up dinner and spent a good part of the evening with my mom, sharing food and thought with a walk around her backyard garden sanctuary. She got the green thumb.

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Happy Day, ma

A snapshot from Anne & John’s weddin last year

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my nephews, in the ring

Mark (R) Matt (L) – I think. [ + zoom ]

Ham and lots of tasty homemade vittles at my sister’s place this afternoon. In between glasses of sweetened tea, catching up around the table, finding out Kelly and her shoes tickle my niece’s fancy, nabbing slices of pineapple upside-down cake, we played some Nintendo.

The tank game in Wii Play seemed to hold attention slightly longer than other games – but the platform is really begging for something a bit meatier in the multi-player dept.

On the drive home with my ma, I’m reminded that we agree on so many things in life— including: the enjoyment of Justin Timberlake’s latest album, and that war is not the answer.

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button bouquet

The World of Momcraft [ + bigger, different view ]

Another slice from the visit at my mom’s house. She’s always being creative.

When not making something, she’s handing you food, exclaiming, ”It’s good for you!” — a master at spotting unnecessary sugars.

And those vegetable tortilla chips with flax seed were indeed excellent.

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yet another reason to visit Atlanta

Genes and jeans. Thanks to my nephew for manning the camera [ + ]

This was the scene as family gathered to see my brother off to Atlanta—not for vacation, but for life and work.

It’s a big deal, but as Glass-folk we underplay the weight of something and ham it up with talk of things like jobs, life, and hairstyles. Good thing the Oscars were playing in the background — plenty of fodder in the latter department (but my sister stole the night with her stunning ‘do).

So very good to see my nephews, their other halves, and my niece with her ten-thousand watt smile.

Did I mention I need to go out there and get in on one of those card games at my sister’s house? I do. Now that I’ve got solid wheels…

Anyway, the night ended early as Robert had to hit the road and meet the movers down there in The 4-0-4— missing out on all the major categories as the big award show extended ’til midnight.

What you don’t see pictured are the moments when the reality of the his departure set in. As we raised glasses around the dining room table and my sister said kind words, my eyes filled with tears. And when my mom and bro hugged right before he slipped out into the night, you could feel it wasn’t an ordinary hug by the air itself.

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walking without scissors

Enjoying the day with the extra hour

After brunch with my ma down in Northside on Sunday, I loaded up my pockets with candy she had set out for Halloween and we headed out for an afternoon with no agenda. The best kind.

One diversion was the Sacred Labyrinth by the Mercy Hospital up in Mt. Airy.

The sign outside what looked like a compacted track read:

A labyrinth is a walking meditation, a geometric pattern laid out indoors or outside. They date back 600 years. Unlike a maze, which has false paths and trails, the labyrinth has only one path and requires no analytical thinking.

Proponents say a short walk through a labyrinth can calm anxiety, promote health and aid in meditation. People can use it for stress reduction or as a deeply spiritual experience having to do with their own sense of sacred space within and without.

We are all on a journey and while each of us has a unique journey, we share a common one. The labyrinth invites us to get in touch with our own life journey.

The labyrinth involves three stages. The first stage, purgation, occurs when entering the labyrinth and involves clearing the mind to be open to the experience of the divine. The second stage, illumination, is reached at the center where walkers stop to reflect and pray. The third stage, union, brings us back to our connection to the world.

So there’s my mom up pictured up there in “illumination,” I think.

We searched for leaves afterward and then it was off to catch “Running with Scissors,” which wasn’t necessarily bad, but having not read the book, I was more interested in learning about Augusten and less about Annette Bening’s hair-dos.

I skimped on the review here, and totally omitted a trip to a thrift store earlier in the day, but I’m meandering too much, it’s late.

In summation: I’m glad my mom didn’t put me up for adoption, and I ate all the candy in my pockets.

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Mark & Heather

July 15, 2006

I’d say yesterday went without a hitch, but there was a significant one: my nephew married his longtime sweetheart.

And though it was hot (very hot), the skies were blue and sunny – a welcome change from the week of rain preceding the day.

My sister’s backyard looked beautiful, along with the wedding party, friends, and family gathered under the bits of shade afforded by tent or trees.

They had three layers of cake (white chocolate, tiramisu, and strawberry) and I admit trying every variety. More than once. I think I sweat off any calories however, wielding a camera.

There are over 1,000 photos to sort. I have work to do.

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bachelor party

mmmm, bier

I posted about my nephew’s wedding, but failed to mention the bachelor party the night before at the Newport Hofbräuhaus.

Good fun, tasty beers, and lots of food (like onion rings and buffalo wings) made us feel like we were right in Deutschland!

Sadly, we did not sing any German drink songs, or visit neighboring clubs with female dancers or houses of ill-repute where Jerry Springer bounced checks when he was our mayor.


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camera shopping

Western Hills Best Buy

So where was I? Oh yes, last Monday I went to help my mom pick out her first digital camera. After much weighing, we selected a Sony DSC-W50 for a variety of reasons: easy-to-use, great screen, shooting modes, size, shape, and price.

Oh yeah, that’s my mom in the picture. Blurred from a poor selection of settings on my own camera and her flagrant desire to avoid being photographed. I got that from her.

The rest of the missing days involved work, dog sitting, Superman Returns in a tiny but cute theater (the movie was fine, but long), and then camping through the weekend.

Loads of pictures I need to sift through to catch up.

Tomorrow? The Northside parade.

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