Green Beans

Sunny day.

Taxes, done.

Two proposals out the door.

Ate ribs on the river for lunch.

Bought maid gift certificate for Heather’s birthday.

Boxes removed from common storage area (about 20 tower, laptop and CRT display boxes) and put on the street.

Warm evening.

Dinner with my mom and bro. Green beans and ham, cornbread, coleslaw, sweet corn on the cob, and yellow cake with chocolate icing, all homemade and delicious. Oh yeh, and sweet tea.


Yellow cake with chocolate icing on a plate decorated with a flower design
Cake for dessert

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My mom and bro, hamming it up, waiting for me to sit down and eat my vittles.

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here comes the sun

So i made a quick dinner for my brother and pops last night. Afterward, we went around my house trying to find stuff they could use in their new place. A coffee table in the basement, along with countless odds and ends went in the truck before the night was over.

It was a great way to purge myself of stuff I didnt need, and ensure they found a good home.

Funny scene, I gave my dad this white LED flashlight and he was enamored with it. He was in charge of helping my brother navigate back toward the east side o town and scampered down the sidewalk lighting the path for my brother. I could see the camaraderie in their interaction and it was warming.

Went to bed at 10 and slept soundly.

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