On paper


Dan and I have been slowly collecting all the bits and signatures to make “us” official (as much as we can in the eyes of the state).

I’d imagine getting married involves as much a paper trail, but Target doesn’t have a registry for domestic partners—so there are some differences. I suppose.

This morning we drove to the bank to get one of the last and more important documents notarized proper. In lieu of birdseed thrown our way, we treated ourselves to a really excellent lunch.

Nothing wrong with feeling lucky sometimes.

Current music: The Hidden Cameras “We Oh We”

7 responses to “On paper”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    Yaaay! Very Yaaay!!
    Mazel Tov, Ya’ll. 🙂

  2. Virginia Avatar

    That’s highly, highly exciting news. Congratulations.

  3. Dave P. Avatar

    Congrats, Chris!

  4. peg Avatar

    Congratulations and best wishes.

  5. arse poetica Avatar

    Congratulations and happiest best wishes! Wonderful! Yippee!

  6. Chris Glass Avatar

    Thank y’all.
    When it’s official I shall send you e-vites to the ceremony (or registry).
    I kid.
    Really, I appreciate the kindness.

  7. Daniel Black Avatar

    Hi, Chris,
    First, congratulations. I was married just two days prior to yours. Here’s to long lives with long loves.
    Second, congratulations. 43Folders? For real? Nicely done.