my nephews, in the ring

Mark (R) Matt (L) – I think. [ + zoom ]

Ham and lots of tasty homemade vittles at my sister’s place this afternoon. In between glasses of sweetened tea, catching up around the table, finding out Kelly and her shoes tickle my niece’s fancy, nabbing slices of pineapple upside-down cake, we played some Nintendo.

The tank game in Wii Play seemed to hold attention slightly longer than other games – but the platform is really begging for something a bit meatier in the multi-player dept.

On the drive home with my ma, I’m reminded that we agree on so many things in life— including: the enjoyment of Justin Timberlake’s latest album, and that war is not the answer.

Current music: Justin Timberlake “What Goes Around”

5 responses to “my nephews, in the ring”

  1. Eamonn Avatar

    Multiple Comment Warning:
    1. You should definetely sell this photo to Nintendo, casue this is so much better than most of their Wii ads. I honestly thought that what it was at first. You take a fine picture Mr. Glass.
    2. I take it your nephews inherited your taste in plaid shirts.
    3. Yeah, Wii sports, Wiiplay and WarioWare is pretty much all the multiplayer action you’re gonna get. Wish Nintendo would get their ass into gear with some Mario Party, Mortal Kombat and especially online Mario Kart. An online Goldeneye remake would bring the house down.
    4. Kelly’s OMG shoes still makes me giggle.
    5. Justin Timberlake’s album and enjoyment in the same sentence? This I gotta see.

  2. Andrew Simone Avatar

    I have high hopes for Mario Party. Also, despite graphical and mechanic problems in Wood’s golf, I find it to be quite a fun game.

  3. Andrew Simone Avatar

    …quite a fun multiplayer game.

  4. sis Avatar

    was very relaxing atmosphere that day….loved having you and MOM and getting to spend some Q time~~we always say we need to do it more often….maybe next time others can make it as well…much hearts to you ma lil brother!!

  5. Wil Avatar

    what a great picture, very rockwell…esq and, happy!