camera shopping

Western Hills Best Buy

So where was I? Oh yes, last Monday I went to help my mom pick out her first digital camera. After much weighing, we selected a Sony DSC-W50 for a variety of reasons: easy-to-use, great screen, shooting modes, size, shape, and price.

Oh yeah, that’s my mom in the picture. Blurred from a poor selection of settings on my own camera and her flagrant desire to avoid being photographed. I got that from her.

The rest of the missing days involved work, dog sitting, Superman Returns in a tiny but cute theater (the movie was fine, but long), and then camping through the weekend.

Loads of pictures I need to sift through to catch up.

Tomorrow? The Northside parade.

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  1. Blazey Avatar

    WOW that’s hilarious! I suggested the same exact camera to my mother:) good times