yet another reason to visit Atlanta

Genes and jeans. Thanks to my nephew for manning the camera [ + ]

This was the scene as family gathered to see my brother off to Atlanta—not for vacation, but for life and work.

It’s a big deal, but as Glass-folk we underplay the weight of something and ham it up with talk of things like jobs, life, and hairstyles. Good thing the Oscars were playing in the background — plenty of fodder in the latter department (but my sister stole the night with her stunning ‘do).

So very good to see my nephews, their other halves, and my niece with her ten-thousand watt smile.

Did I mention I need to go out there and get in on one of those card games at my sister’s house? I do. Now that I’ve got solid wheels…

Anyway, the night ended early as Robert had to hit the road and meet the movers down there in The 4-0-4— missing out on all the major categories as the big award show extended ’til midnight.

What you don’t see pictured are the moments when the reality of the his departure set in. As we raised glasses around the dining room table and my sister said kind words, my eyes filled with tears. And when my mom and bro hugged right before he slipped out into the night, you could feel it wasn’t an ordinary hug by the air itself.

Current music: Stan Getz “Goodbye”

3 responses to “yet another reason to visit Atlanta”

  1. Matt (nephew#2) Avatar
    Matt (nephew#2)

    I had an exceptional time last night, it was good seeing everyone.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Agreed nephew #2. We shall hang again soon!

  3. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    I lived in Atlanta for 9 years in the 1980’s (it was where I mis-spent my youth…) and really enjoyed it. At that point, the metro area population was about 2,500,000 – just a bit bigger than metro Cincinnati. Now the Atlanta metro area is over 5 million. When my dad was in seminary, in the early 1950’s the metro area population was only about 800,000! I have absolutely no idea where they put all these new people! I guess the ‘burbs go on forever now. The thing about Atlanta is that it is essentially a new city every 10 years. Hope your brother enjoys it!