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  • I wonder how long this new Pepsi will last…

    More swooshy A fair amount of pixels have been spilled over the new Pepsi rebranding. The mark has even won Top Dishonor from the Brand New folks, while others like it, for what it’s worth. The more I thought about how I felt about the new identity, the more ridiculous I felt about having any […]

  • Capri Lanes

    Dayton, OH Driving back from breakfast this morning, Dan spied this sign in the distance. It was worth taking the long way home and pulling into the parking lot for a photo or two. I suppose it lends some balance to the Governours Square sign I posted earlier this week. Both represent styles of design […]

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Univers

    I collected He-Man figures and look what happened to me So I had this t-shirt concept (above) that’s been brewing for a long while. (You might have seen He-Man make an appearance in this photo of my desk.) It’s a humorous take on the font Univers (which makes up the background grid with its family […]

  • Done cut up

    I’m putting the scissors and x-acto down now Check out the Layer Tennis finale, two simultaneous matches: MATCH A – AND – MATCH B

  • Come again?

    An egg on toothpicks stretches There’s talk of bringing pairs of contenders together for the last two Layer Tennis matches. My heart pounds a little harder at the notion. Something I never shared from the first match is an interview I did with commentator Rosecrans Baldwin. He asked a slew of questions to get to […]

  • Core Memory

    Digital Equipment Corporation PDP8/F Can’t stop looking at images from Mark Richards’ Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers. I’m trying to be more budget-conscious this year, but I feel compelled to purchase this book—much like I would feel compelled to flip every single one of those switches. Take that touchscreens. And that color […]

  • Burlington Coat Factory

    Not affiliated with Burlington Industries I’m thankful this is not my new logo. But in all seriousness, it’s been jam-packed whacky-busy leading up to this holiday break. Man am I looking forward to being let down by the big parade and then making it up by stuffing myself silly tomorrow. Be well, all. Current music: […]

  • hot

    It was either a quick snapshot of the stove burner or some gas station I passed tonight Couple o links inspire this post, somewhat disjointed: Enough with the lists – looking at the list-ification of info, and how it becomes numbing. I agree wholeheartedly and yet bookmark with abandon. What’s over? iMomus looks at what’s […]

  • Behind the scenes

    A week later Folks have asked how things went down last Friday, so I’ve put together a really long, long-winded page about what was going through my head for each volley. Behind the Scenes: My Experience with Layer Tennis. Me? I’ll be happy to be an observer watching today’s special Halloween Edition match between Brian […]

  • This afternoon? It went down.

    They call me Bunyan [ + zoom ] Ever heard of Photoshop Tennis? It’s this thing where designers hit a file back and forth, adding, subtracting, and mixing it up. There’s commentary along the way and at the end, a winner is declared. It’s called Layer Tennis now, because it’s not limited to Photoshop. I […]