Behind the scenes

A week later

Folks have asked how things went down last Friday, so I’ve put together a really long, long-winded page about what was going through my head for each volley.

PhotosBehind the Scenes: My Experience with Layer Tennis.

Me? I’ll be happy to be an observer watching today’s special Halloween Edition match between Brian “Candykiller” Taylor and Jason Santa Maria — two folks whose work is as much an art as it is design in my mind.

The gore starts at 2pm CST, and today’s match is rated M for mature.

Current music: Pavement “Fight This Generation”

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  1. What he said.
    People like you are the reason I know my pathetic attempts at playing designer are only a temporary condition on the road to something else.
    You’re in a whole nuther league, Glass. And you’re still a nice guy.

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