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November 07, 2007


It was either a quick snapshot of the stove burner or some gas station I passed tonight

Couple o links inspire this post, somewhat disjointed:

Enough with the lists - looking at the list-ification of info, and how it becomes numbing. I agree wholeheartedly and yet bookmark with abandon.

What's over? iMomus looks at what's retro. His list is refreshingly pointed, including rock music, cars, and democracy to name a few. He spreads each item out with enough argument to move beyond bullet points.

Developing websites and designs, I'm always running over a list in my mind. It's loose and changes on whim, but the premise is to discount elements that are played out:

- Skulls
- Owls, unicorns, birds, bears
- Vector swirly clip art
- Hand-drawn lettering
- Type with counters filled
- The 80s
- Distressed treatments
- Shiny reflections
- Minimalism
- Whitespace

Personally, I'm not a fan of merchandise in which the design is solely comprised of a logo or brand. I've seen entire stores built upon this principle, and to that I say, give me something more.

Note, I'm going to be abusing a few of the items on this list in the near future.

Current music: Chavez "You Faded"

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I'm with you, except on the last two. Maximalism wears out much faster than minimalism in my book. Of course it all depends on context.

Posted by: Chris Johanesen | Nov 7, 2007 10:48:26 PM

Note, I'm going to be abusing a few of the items on this list in the near future.

I vote for a Photoshop-distressed, swirly-vector image of a unicorn spearing the filled counter of a hand-drawn, lowercase Helvetica "a" on its horn.

With its mane in a side ponytail.

And lots and lots of whitespace.

Posted by: communicatrix | Nov 7, 2007 6:02:37 PM

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