He-Man and the Masters of the Univers

I collected He-Man figures and look what happened to me

So I had this t-shirt concept (above) that’s been brewing for a long while. (You might have seen He-Man make an appearance in this photo of my desk.)

It’s a humorous take on the font Univers (which makes up the background grid with its family of font weights).

The design seemed too limited in appeal so it never came to be, but I still have a deep love for it.

Turns out this pun has legs in other manifestations. Case in point: Swiss Legacy ‘blog brought Mr September Industry’s Cinematography game to view. Essentially a mashup of fonts and titles of things. Fun stuff.

Maybe I should still keep the dream alive and make the tee.

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23 responses to “He-Man and the Masters of the Univers”

  1. Totally cool, but aren’t you afraid of incurring the wrath of Mattel? I hear they’re scarier than the Medellín Cartel.

  2. Indeed PJ, the wrath of Mattel is not something I’d want to take on.
    Only semi-related: I always wonder, in the back of my mind… if Campbell’s Soup ever sued Andy Warhol.

  3. I’d buy it, too, as long as you printed on something other than white — that’s just asking for me to spill a Skeletor-sized chalice of red wine all over it. Call up Ben at Powerhouse, he’ll do it.

  4. I’d buy two of them — one for me and one for my guy — so please do! And if you can, offer a ‘girly cut’ version, on account of, well, I’m a girl, and on account of my guy likes to wear girly tees because they show off the fruits of his iron-pumping. (He also wears Annika Sorenstam-branded women’s golf shirts out on the course.)

  5. Hey folks! WOW. I’m thrilled to know there are others out there that get the fun of this idea, and I’M GOING TO MAKE THE SHIRT! Keep leaving comments with your website or email address (or contact me directly). I’ll let you know when they roll out. I might go with a pre-order and make it sort’ve limited, not sure yet.