Done cut up

I’m putting the scissors and x-acto down now

Check out the Layer Tennis finale, two simultaneous matches:


4 responses to “Done cut up”

  1. Nick Hall Avatar
    Nick Hall

    Incredible. I loved the entire match… both matches. I really enjoyed how the two matches went on side by side and used components of each. Excellent job.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Super fun! Very inspiring work from the both of you. I was floored with the ‘out of the box’ play in Round 9, but loved your response at the end. I gotta say my favorite exchange was the “Seriously? / Dinosaur pooping ‘Yeah’”. Smiles all around and some friends I showed it to are now hooked.

  3. Naz Avatar

    Glass, you done did it again. Damn you. Fantastic match.

  4. Ed Book Avatar

    ‘took me a while to figure out what the matches were about but looking at them made it clear and moreso your abilities. Well Done!!